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Musikhaus Babies

6-18 months old

Our Babies Class provides an engaging experience of learning and bonding with the little one.
Each session covers a 45 minute session designed to engage the baby’s auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning patterns.
Key components of the class include creative movement, story time, baby signing, sensory exploration, pitching & listening activities, and object/instrument exploration.
We use this to stimulate their social, emotional, physical and language development while enhancing their musicality.

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Musikhaus Bubbles

1.5-3 years old

Our Bubbles Class provides a space to maximize growth in the developmental window opening at this age.
Each session covers a 45 minute session designed to fire up their imagination, allow them to express their creativity and build their character.
Activities are carefully selected to enchance skills in creative movement & drama, instruments coordination, explore basic rhythmic patterns, social team-building, instruction response and public speaking.
This is tied together by an overarching theme for the class, which may range from natural phenomenon to culture and daily life.

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2 - 5 years old

Our program leverages on the great outdoors and maximizes the learning potential of the natural world around us. Classes have an even split of indoor and outdoor activities, which are designed around a central theme that varies each session. This class includes drama play, crafts, sensory exploration and sing along flavoured with a the theme of the week. Each session covers an hour and comprises of a full range of activities designed to nurture their physical, mental and emotional aspects holistically. 

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Wide World Wanderers

Joo Chiat Place@ BeekidsClub

3- 5 years old

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Our Bloomers class has a different musical focus that is allocated for each weekly session as per their respective themes. Recognising this age as the window period for imagination, character-building and creativity, activities are carefully selected to  enhance children's musicality and also skills in social team-building,instructions-taking,composition,creative movement/drama and public speaking.


Musikhaus Bloomers

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