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Musikhaus Babies

4-18 months old

Our Babies Class provides an engaging experience of learning and bonding with the little one.Each session covers a 45 minute session designed to engage the baby’s auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning patterns.Key components of the class include creative movement, story time, baby signing, sensory exploration, pitching & listening activities, and object/instrument exploration.We use this to stimulate their social, emotional, physical and language development while enhancing their musicality.

musikhaus babies
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Musikhaus Bubbles

walker - 3 years old

Our Bubbles Class provides a space to maximize growth in the developmental window opening at this age.
Each session covers a 45 minute session designed to fire up their imagination, allow them to express their creativity and build their character.
Activities are carefully selected to enchance skills in creative movement & drama, instruments coordination, explore basic rhythmic patterns, social team-building, instruction response and public speaking.
This is tied together by an overarching theme for the class, which may range from natural phenomenon to culture and daily life.


Chinese Language Immersions for Kids

1 - 3 years old

Our Chinese immersion class for toddlers offers a dynamic and engaging environment for children aged 1 to 3 years to explore and learn Mandarin. Led by experienced instructor, the classes are designed to foster language development, cultural awareness, and overall cognitive growth in a fun and interactive way.

This program is structured to take advantage of the natural language-learning abilities of toddlers, promoting early Mandarin language acquisition. Through age-appropriate activities, songs, and stories, toddlers gain exposure to Chinese culture, traditions, and customs, promoting a well-rounded understanding of the language.

Underpinning this is the signature Treble Bass’s style of Early Childhood development. The class incorporates activities that enhance cognitive skills, such as problem-solving, memory, and critical thinking. Little ones will also engage in group activities that encourage social interaction, helping them build essential communication and teamwork skills. The curriculum includes hands-on activities, visual aids, and auditory stimuli, providing a multisensory learning experience that caters to diverse learning styles.


In summary, our Mandarin immersion class for toddlers not only lays the foundation for bilingualism but also nurtures holistic development, preparing children for a lifetime of linguistic and cultural appreciation.


Musikhaus Bloomers

3- 5 years old

Our Bloomers class has a different musical focus that is allocated for each weekly session as per their respective themes. Recognising this age as the window period for imagination, character-building and creativity, activities are carefully selected to  enhance children's musicality and also skills in social team-building,instructions-taking,composition,creative movement/drama and public speaking.


Participatory Arts Engagement, Linguistic & Language Development

3- 6 years old

The activities are curated around accomplishing the goals of Literacy & Linguistic Development and exposing Little Ones to Participatory Arts Engagement. Each class is composed of multiple modules which fit an overarching theme for the class.

Storytelling module is introduced at the start of the class involving popular children’s books which have songs and/or rhymes integrated into the story. Sensory elements are then woven into the story-telling experience with instruments and other mediums.

By blurring the line between active and passive participation, the program is then able to gently introduce and encourage further engagement in an organic manner. Once engaged, the lesson may then move on to crafts focusing on an element of the story or imaginative play where a scene of related topic is enacted.

The program is particularly suited for the target age range of 3-6 years old where young ones are beginning to form the foundations of their personality and are ready for exposure to more artistic elements.


Festive Workshops

We conduct fun and interactive festive workshops such as Chinese New Year, Halloween, Christmas, Mooncake Festival and more! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming workshop!

Party Facilitator

Looking for interactive themed games, crafts, music & movements for your birthday party? Need someone experience to organise the activities on the birthday? Talk to us!

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